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Andrew Robert Humphrey was born in Vancouver, Canada, and is a songwriter, producer, and recording artist whose career spans three decades. In Canada, his past experience include stints with Toronto bands The Electric Fire Brothers and funk-soul outfit Chunk O’ Funk. Then, having moved to the UK, he formed the London based rock trio Creature as well as touring Europe with drum ’n’ bass diva Nicolette which included high-profile performances at illustrious venues such as Glastonbury and the Monterey Jazz Festival.

After settling in continental Europe, Humphrey founded Renderfly, a Portuguese-based power-pop band whose debut "Beyond Because" was released in 2003 on EMI. The album landed two chart positions: “Fallen Star” which held the No. 1 spot for three weeks and “Theme #4”, a track that earned a Top 10 ranking on the national charts and was featured in the 2008 Olympics.

Now, back in his hometown of Toronto, Humphrey focuses on writing and has formed Pocket Music, a boutique music house that provides music for all media formats and houses his vast catalogue of over a hundred songs. He also finds time for performing live in various bands, including Blair Packham’s the Impossible Dream among others and spends much of his time producing local talent from the comfort of his home studio in Leslieville, Toronto.


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